How to keep your skin in the best condition possible



Here are my top three to get you thinking:

Drink water

Wear sunblock

Be smokefree

Enjoy your skin at the stage you are at, but as with anything precious we need to look after it, if you haven’t already, perhaps now is a good time to enrich the skin on your body.

Drinking water seems such a bore, but just remember your body is made up of more that 70% water, so keep feeding your body more of what it craves for. Get in the habit of taking a bottle of water to work or in the car  and you will soon increase your intake.

There are some great products for our skin, including body scrubs, oils, moisturisers but most important of the lot is of course sunblock. Be sure to look for sunblocks that have a minimum of an spf of 30.

More and more people are applying sunblock every morning before venturing out (fabulous idea) just make sure to top up during the day, the sun’s burning rays can even get you when you are driving your car!

Smoking as we all should know by now is very detrimental to our bodies, not only internally but for your skin, which will also pay the price too in time to come.

Have a great Summer and enjoy the skin you are in!

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