Permanent Hair Removal is here!

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Removing unwanted body hair is a hassle many of us wish we could live without. Especially for people with thicker, darker hair, a lot of time and money can be poured into shaving, waxing and tweezing away unsightly hair every week!

If you shave, it sometimes feels like the skin is never perfectly smooth and hair-free, and you may even have to deal with painful ingrown hairs. Or if you take the waxing route, you still have to go through the embarrassing ordeal of growing the hairs out long enough for it to work (only to have it grow back in 3 or so days).

To achieve smooth, hairless skin IPL (Intense Pulse Light ) is a more permanent solution for people fed up with wax and razors and  is one of the worlds most advanced treatments for permanent hair removal

Thankfully we have this treatment which may be just the ticket for you. Enquire next time you vist about our rates and the course of treatment

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